Thursday, May 6, 2010

New House Pics

Almost there! We've got grass and trees now, the stone was added to the front, lights are turned on, and there's an air conditioner now.

The dining room light fixture is in now.

Most of the kitchen appliances are in!
Yay the sink is in!
The new wall by the bathroom.

The cork flooring in Kyan and Asher's rooms looks amazing! It's beautiful and we are so thrilled for them to have it in their bedrooms.

Now that the lights are on I was able to get a picture of the tiling in the boys bathroom.

The lighting going down to the basement is awesome!

Storage closet in the basement. I have a feeling the boys are going to like the short door when they're older.

Only a few more weeks to go! Still can't believe it.

Friday, April 23, 2010

House is Painted

The house is all painted inside and it looks beautiful. I can't pull myself away from the kitchen. It is flower pot red and looks amazing. We took Kyan into the backyard for the first time tonight, and he loves it. We couldn't get him back in. Here he is looking into the kitchen from the patio.

This is the bottom of the basement stairs. I have a hard time getting pictures down there because of the lighting, but for some reason this picture turned out.
Here's the front door and stairs.

This is the living room with the kitchen in the background.

They are getting the master bathroom ready for tile. It is so nice. I wish I could get a good picture of the closet. It is amazing. There's no light in there yet.

It's hard to see the paint colors from pictures but this is Asher's room...a light yellow.

Kyan's room is a light blue.

This is the kitchen closet and pantry...huge, awesome pantry.

These kitchen cabinets were just put in today. They look awesome.

I couldn't really get a picture of the corner cabinets with the sink because of the glare from the windows. They look great too.

All the bathroom sinks are in now too.

Once we let him out back he was so happy to come and go by himself through the backdoor. I have a feeling this will be his favorite thing about the new house.

Oops. I misinterpreted his 'showing his teeth sound' for his 'sticking out his tongue sound.'

He was a very happy boy on the back patio.

Finally...a picture of Asher. We are awful. This is our first belly picture of Asher at 26 weeks.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Daddy Lions

We were able to get a photo of the house last night without the van parked in front and the garage doors closed. They are painting and staining inside today :)

Kyan loves all the "yellow flowers" that are everywhere now. He points at them as we drive down the road. This morning he wanted "fourteen yellow flowers."

He also likes the "daddy lions" although he can't quite blow the seeds off yet.

He is hoping for lots of yellow flowers and daddy lions when we move into the new house.
Just kidding Papa ;-)

Friday, April 16, 2010

It's Painted!

Here it is all painted...almost. You can see what color of red the door will be around the windows. So pretty. This picture was taken two days ago. I drove by yesterday morning to get a better picture (and because Kyan wanted to go see his and "Asher's house") but the garage doors were still up and the van was still there. Maybe they pulled an all-nighter :)

Kyan knocking on the front door. He loves the porch.
Kitchen. I am freaking out about the huge pantry. Can't really see how big it is in this shot though.

Big bright dining room windows with the patio out back.
I'm standing in the loft looking out toward the stairs, bedrooms, laundry room. The railings are up now but not the spindles yet.
Matt and Kyan checking out the Son Rise room. It will be so exciting for Kyan to have his own therapy play room in the basement. He already loves it down there and wants to go into the basement all the time.

Here is a shot of the back of the house from the street behind.

It's coming along so fast now. They should be staining and painting the inside in the next few days or so. Very exciting.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chicken Fingers

Matt had a little oops when he was cooking up Kyan's pheasant nuggets the other night. Poor guy.

We are disgusting...

and proud of it!

This is the house on the first day of Spring. Lucky for us it's already melted and beautiful outside. Below is a shot taken from the living room looking into the kitchen, dining room area.

The bathtub and shower are already in for the master bath.

This is the loft area.

This shot is looking out from the loft into the bedrooms and laundry room.

Fuse box :) Thought Halbert might want to check it out. Don't men like to look at fuse boxes?

Hard to believe only a month to go. Wow! Kyan will be so excited when we move. Everytime we drive up to the house now he says, "There's our house!"

Friday, March 5, 2010

We've Got Shingles!

This is the house just a couple of days ago with its new roof.

Yesterday it was all finished with shingles!

We are getting really excited!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fun With Bras

Yes, that's right. Matt is enjoying my bigger cup size in more ways than one. Fortunately Kyan refused to participate in this game. He wouldn't come close to Matt with that crazy thing on his head.

Look at that sweet (potato) smile! I love to see that!